A few Words about our sponsor MED-EL


As the industry’s technology leader in implantable hearing solutions, MED−EL products are the result of 30 years of focused research and a commitment by its founders to fostering a company culture of excellence.

MED−EL has a strong tradition of advancing the technological and scientific foundation in the field of hearing implants. The company’s strong and consistent focus on research and development will continue to fuel the pipeline of new ideas and innovations. Our broad portfolio of products ensures that we can provide a hearing implant solution to fit each candidate’s unique hearing loss.

MED−EL was there at the beginning and they will be there for you today, tomorrow and in the future offering state−of−the−art hearing implant solutions that are comfortable to wear and easy to use.


  • 1977 Multi-channel micro-electronic CI
  • 1991 BTE (Behind-the-Ear) processor
  • 1994 Electrode array capable of stimulating entire length of cochlea
  • 1996 Bilateral implantation for purpose of binaural hearing
  • 1996 Miniaturised multichannel implant (4 mm thin)
  • 1999 Modular BTE processor design making the body-worn processor obsolete
  • 2005 EAS System integrating acoustic and electric stimulation
  • 2006 Switch-free processor design featuring remote control
  • 2006 FLEX Electrode array developed specifically for the most atraumatic insertion
  • 2006 FineHearing™ technology providing the fine structure information of sound
  • 2007 FLEXEAS indicated for partial deafness
  • 2008 VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE Middle Ear Implant System with expanded indication for conductive and mixed hearing loss
  • 2009 Middle Ear Implant System indicated for children
  • 2012 BONEBRIDGE Active Bone Conduction Implant System
  • 2013 Launch of the RONDO®, the first single-unit processor for cochlear implants.
  • 2013 MED-EL receives CE mark approval for marketing cochlear implants for the indication of Single-Sided Deafness in children and adults as the first hearing implant company.
  • 2014 Market relaunch for the new generation of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE implant and market launch of the new SAMBA audio processor for the SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE.


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