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AuDX - model Plus

AuDX Plus combines the easy functionality of the hand-held AuDX II with the power of the Scout Sport computer-based system. When the system is connected to a computer that has the Scout Sport software installed, it has all of the capability of Scout Sport. Detach it from the computer and it becomes the hand-held unit that can be transported to the patient's bedside. It has increased memory for retaining three protocols and AuDX Link capability to download data to the computer for viewing DPgrams and printing reports. The other AuDX II options are also available including upgraded memory for 100 tests and compatibility with HATS or other commercially available universal newborn hearing screening data management tools*. Because the AuDX Plus embodies all of the functionality of a screening unit as well as a full diagnostic system, it is well suited for users who want to satisfy both needs with one system. And the added functionality of AuDX Plus comes at relatively little increased cost when compared to purchasing two separate units, one for screening and one for clinical diagnostic use. *The names of compatible newborn hearing screening tools will be provided upon request.

Hardware specifications :

Stimulation Modalities

Available tests

  • DP-grams

  • TEOAEs

  • Spontaneous


  • An IBM compatible portable computer (min 486)

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