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AuDX - model II

For screening programs requiring more flexibility, the AuDX II model offers test protocol programmability, memory for 50 tests, and additional upgrade opportunities. AuDX II comes with easy-to-use Protocol Setup software that can be installed on a computer using the Windows environment. The AuDX Protocol Setup software allows the creation of DPOAE test protocols and the downloading of a protocol of choice into AuDX. This makes AuDX II appropriate for other purposes such as diagnostic OAE tests or serial monitoring of patients on ototoxic medications.

Hardware specifications :

Stimulation Modalities

  • Stimulus intensity (L1 and L2)

  • Choose up to 10 F2 frequencies per protocol

  • Over 26 F2 frequencies available (500-10,000 Hz)

  • Auto shut-off delay time (1-5 minutes)

  • F2/F1 ratio

  • Artifact rejection threshold

  • Measurement-based stopping rules

  • Pass/refer criteria

  • Probe check-fit interval: none, every frequency, every other frequency

Available tests

  • DP-grams


Compatibility / Upgrade Options

  • An IBM compatible portable computer ( min 486)

  • Memory capacity for 100 tests

  • Memory capacity for 3 test protocols for easy switching among protocols

  • Printing results on the serial label printer

  • AuDX Link allows upload of test data into a computer for DPgram viewing and printing

  • HATS? data management program

  • Data link software to make AuDX II compatible with other commercially available UNHS data management programs

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