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GSI AudioScreener model

OAE and ABR with key diagnostic features in a single, hand-held, simple-to-use unit for advanced and reliable newborn and office-based hearing screening

Hardware specifications :

  • Real Ear calibration for both DPOAE and ABR stimuli

  • Single button procedure for screening

  • Wireless data transmission : Up to 300 tests can be memorized in the device and then sent to a PC or to a printer.

  • The device is easily upgradable via PC software.

Software specifications

  • ABR or DPOAE testing results in a clearly indicated "PASS" or "REFER".

  • The system includes a database and a patient tracking system.

  • Automatic probe fit test and calibration

  • Simple and detailed reports

Available tests

  • DP-grams

  • ABR


  • An IBM compatible portable computer

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phone:  888-647-0785

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