FACT Sheet: Portal Traffic 2014

On-line Date:

June 1, 2001
Search Engines:

First page listing in the major engines including: Altavista, Excite,

Google, Lycos, Yahoo (local and international sites)

Average number of hits per month:  64563
Average number of visitors per month:  5720
Average number of visited pages: > 9.4 pages per visitor
Coverage in terms of countries: Visitors from 132 countries (significant increase from 2013)
Percentage of American Audience: 41.06 %
Percentage of African Audience :  2.70 %
Percentage of European Audience:  31.57 %
Percentage of Asian Audience: 21.07 %
Percentage of Oceania Audience 3.30 %


The access numbers remain more or less the same as in 2013, in terms of average demographics, although the number of monthly hits is slightly higher.  Several observations on the trends in the above reported numbers:


1. The "Americas" are monopolized mainly by accesses from the US and Canada (73.78%)

2. South America is monopolized by accesses from Brasil (68.77%).

3. Asia is strongly monopolized by accesses from India (81.11%) and Iran (12.21%)