White Papers


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A. Giorba : From the OAE Portal Vault Archives: A Comparison of IV generation AOAE devices (March 2015)

D Lisonbee : Performing Distortion Product  Otoacoustic Emissions using synhcronous Tele-Health services. (May, 2013

Z Zhang: A Minimum Variance Spectral Estimation-Based Time-Frequency Analysis for Click-Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions . (November 2008 

Bart M. Vinck and Ingeborg Dhooge: Distortion product otoacoustic emissions: An objective technique for the screening of hearing loss in children treated with platin derivatives. (September 2008

Sebastian Hoth. On a possible prognostic value of otoacoustic emissions: A study on patients with sudden hearing loss (April 2008)  

Giota Lalaki: Suppression of TEOAEs in SIHL tinnitus vs NIHL tinnitus (November 2005)

Jemma Hine. Conventional and High Rate Otoacoustic Emissions in Normally Hearing and Hearing Impaired Subjects (October 2005

Enrique Dal Monte : Hearing Loss Screening In Newborns And Infants In Paysandu, Uruguay. Presentation at the Cairo IFOS meeting 2003. (December 2004)  

Bob Davis et al : The use of distortion product otoacoustic emissions in the estimation of hearing and sensory cell loss in noise-damaged cochleas. (October 2004)  

Alireza Ziarani: A New Signal Processing Technique for the Estimation of DPOAE Signals. NOTE: The white paper will include links to downloadable (from the Portal FTP archives) simulation software written in MATLAB and also instructions of how to use the software. (November 2004)  

Christopher Shera. Stimulus-spectrum irregularity and the generation of evoked and spontaneous otoacoustic emissions: Comments on the model of Nobili et al. (September 2004)