September - November 2017

As it has been the tradition the last  years, we occasionally focus  on technology related issues. The OAE technology has reached, as it was expected, a plateau the last 5-10 years, but information technologies continue to grow and new aspects of Tele-Health are emerging. We have also observed developments in the area of implantable devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants), but the main contributions are mainly in the area of software development than in new hardware implementations. Some interesting ideas have been reported about Implant systems releasing anti-inflammatory agents like dexamethasone in the inner ear , to suppress post-surgical side effects, but clinical trials have not started yet.There are some interesting trends in the area of wearable medical devices (mostly sensors ) which can connect to our mobile phones for data visualization and control, but we do not have reports for any Audiology / Hearing Science applications so far. This idea is intriguing and we are seeking authors for an editorial or a white paper on this topic. 

It would be nice to hear your opinion in these issue, since the OAE Portal is a Open  Access depository of Knowledge. It would be a great privilege for me and my collaborators to listen what you have to say.