A new method for Partial Deafness Treatment (PDT): Data in the literature

Partial deafness treatment (PDT), developed by Henryk Skarzynski, is a provision of a mutually complementary acoustic amplification and electric stimulation, which are provided by the range of hearing aids, middle ear implants and cochlear implants. Due to the fact that not only individuals with a bilateral profound hearing loss can receive cochlear implants, but also those with a considerable residual hearing, implementation of a cochlear implantation program, which preserves residual hearing,  is of key importance. The round window surgical approach is used in an attempt to limit the loss of the residual hearing that might be caused while performing the cochleostomy.

This  review of published results demonstrates the safety, feasibility and efficacy of the PDT. The powerpoint point presentation includes information on the papers published by the authors and numerous photos shown the surgical approach. The ppt file can be accessed  here: