20/05/2015: Interacoustics Updates

Mr David Speidel, director of the Audiological services of Interacoustics US provided a series of interesting information regarding the new Titan platform , a TEOAE webinar and a series of how-to do-guides for the following topics :

(1) How to run a DP measurement

(2) How to handle Titan for screening

(3) OAE - DPOAE pass criteria and interpretation

(4) How to analyze a DP-Gram

(5) Screening using Titan

(6) OAEs: Cleaning the probe tip

The Titan platform  has its own 'Suite' of software that includes Clinical Impedance, Wide Band Tympanometry, DP & TEOAE (screening and clinical uses) , ABRIS (ABR Screening Module). The software is NOAH compatible, but it includes its own database (OtoAccess) to manage the data. The OtoAccess database has a HiTrack add-on, which is an essential element for those conducting hearing screening in the US.