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26/09/2020 : Special issue on Pediatric and Adult Cochlera Implants

I am happy to announce that with two close collaborators profs Andrea Ciorba and Piotr H Skarzynski we will edit a special issue of the Journal of Clinical Medicine dedicated to Pediatric and Adult Cochlear Implants and Middle Ear prostheses. These technologies are closely related to otoacoustic Emissions and hearing screening as the two major strategies to account for hearing deficits identified during the screening process.

Readers who are interested in sending in a contribution are welcome to visit this link :

26/06/2020 : The Book advances in Audiology and Hearing Science

The 2-volume book Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science has been finally published by AAP. There are significant contributions in the area of otoacoustic emissions and other electrophysiological techniques, for the students and professionals of the field.

Image of the advances Book

Interested readers can accessed information at the AAP link here :

Since the 2-volume book has a steep price undergraduate or graduate students can contact me via the OAE POrtal for a possible discount.

26/09/2019 :Technical beta-testing report on the R-140 AOAE device

After a series of measurements in 2018 we were able to evaluate a new interesting AOAE device the R140 from Resonance Italy. The device was in pre-clinical release status and its performance was not fully optimized. Nevertheless, the device showed great potential for screening applications and the company has informed us that the software will be soon updated with AABR capabilities.

The report shows the performance index of the R140 in a group of adults and neonates.

07/05/2018: Multimedia content of the book Advances in Audiology

We are working (and in parallel editing the book ..) on the implementation of the Multimedia contents of the book "Advances in Audiology, Speech Pathology and Hearing Science". The authors of the book have done an excellent presenting links with video personal material, animations and Youtube links which  will improve considerably  the apprehension of the book contents.