29/10/2016 : New white paper

The section on White papers , subsection of Clinical applications was updated with a contribution from Dr.  Maria Riga titled "Subjective tinnitus and contralateral suppression of otoacoustic emissions; an attempt to validate cut-off points with clinically useful positive or negative predictive value in normal hearing adults". Dr. Riga is currently an Assistant Professor of Otorhinolaryngology at Democritus University of Thrace, in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

27/10/2016 : Visualization of white papers

From this month , we offer the visitors of the OAE Portal the possibility to visualize the last submitted white paper, in accordance with the presentation of the Guest Editorials, where emphasis is given to the contributing author.

The presented white paper page will contain information on the author and his /her collaboration team,  as well a short abstract of the submitted work. A reminder that white papers are synopses of papers published in other journals. 

20/10/2016 : Updates on the Free Book chapters

The section on FREE book chapters has been updated with a chapter contribution titled " Technological Advances in Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening" by S. Hatzopoulos, H. Skarzynski and PH Skarzynski.

Chapter data

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4287.1762 

Book title : Update on Hearing Loss, Edition: First, Chapter: 9, Publisher: INTECH, Editors: Fayez Bahmad Jr, pp.169 - 184

13/10/2016: WideBand Tympanometry

The category of Wideband Tympanometry has been added to the Alternative Technologies , in the Clinical applications of OAEs. The WBT pages are only a pre-cursor of the forthcoming WBT chapter. 

22/09/2016: Attention on this month's Editorial

This month's editorial , by Dr. James Hall III, is part of his book on Evoked Auditory Potentials. Dr. Hall was generous enough to share with the international OAE Portal community important  clinical cues on the topic of hearing loss assessment. offers the new handbook in a convenient Kindle version. The editorial and the handbook material are great educational resources for students and professionals.