EHDI Data Management With HiTrack

HiTrack has been designed specifically to meet the data needs of state EHDI and hospital-based hearing screening Program Coordinators. Our software will make your EHDI Data Management as easy as 1-2-3.

Screening is the first step in managing a newborn hearing program. HiTrack's user-friendly prompts help you import demographic data and screening results from screening equipment.
After screening you'll need a way to track children who need follow up services. HiTrack makes this process simple by providing visual cues on "next steps" needed and by generating lists of children whose follow-up is upcoming or overdue.

Lastly, you'll need to communicate information on child progress and screening program status to relevant parties such as health care providers, hospitals and state and regional agencies. With the use of customizable letters and reports, a potentially time-consuming task is accomplished with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Features in HiTrack 4 (only Windows version)

The HiTrack 4 Series represents the cutting-edge of EHDI Data Management. The HiTrack 4 database is built around a dynamic framework to provide the logic needed for managing the complex requirements of EHDI tracking and follow-up. The HiTrack client offers a task-oriented user interface and is designed for maximum flexibility.


Hearing Screening Protocol EngineTM

HiTrack's Hearing Screening Protocol EngineTM is a rule-based system that governs how infants are tracked. Based on the screening protocol selected by the Screening Program Coordinator, the software automatically suggests the "next step" needed for each baby being tracked through the screening and follow-up process. Users can select a protocol to best suit their facility's data tracking needs:


  •     Two-Stage Automated Pass/Manual Non-Pass 

  •     Two-Stage Fully Automated 

  •     Two-Stage Manual 

  •     Two-Stage Inpatient Automated 

  •     Two-Stage Dual Equipment Auto-Pass Only
  •     Two-Stage Dual Equipment Automated

Baby List

• Infants needing inpatient or outpatient screening can be easily identified

• Recommendation Templates are provided to help users arrange upcoming appointments

• Infants who pass screening with risk indicators entered are automatically placed in a Risk Monitoring file

• CDC Milestone Tracking, including filters for 'Met', 'Due Soon', 'Overdue' and 'Late'

• Work with babies from multiple facilities in one convenient list

Import & Merge Data

HiTrack's advanced Importer and Merger are both rule-based systems designed to be flexible and efficient. Data from external sources are merged in batches allowing error-free records to flow into the central database while questionable records are set aside for correction at the user's convenience.

• Support for most popular screening equipment

• Manually resolve questionable merges and “Unknown Codes” from screening equipment.

• Import and merge patient demographic data from hospital data systems

• Import and merge lists of Physicians, Audiologists and Screeners from hospital data systems.


• Customizable Letter Templates with stock letters in English and Spanish

• Letter history shows all letters generated for a baby or a facility

• Once a letter is queued they can be modified prior to printing


• Infant Reports

• Inpatient Screening Report

• Outpatient Screening Report

• Infants with Risk Indicators

• Infants with suspected Hearing Losses

• Infants Needing Diagnostics

• Summary Reports

• Tracking Flow Chart

• State Quarterly Report

• Hospital Summary Report

• CDC Milestone Summary Report

• Technology Summary Report

• Custom criteria can be applied to any report

• Users can define their own Custom Reports

• Easy to use filter options

Configuration Options

The HiTrack 4 database runs on top of Microsoft SQL Server, a powerful industry-standard database platform. The HiTrack software runs as either a Windows application or as a Web application that you reach through your browser. HiTrack also supports data integration with other medical databases through either HL7 Messaging or through direct database stored procedure linking.


Updates :

10/06/2015:  Mr. Daniel Ladner, Programmer & Help Desk Supervisor – HiTrack (IT Supervisor - National Center for Hearing Assessment & Management, Utah State University) has provided current price estimates for Hitrack : HiTrack is offered as a comprehensive subscription service that is billed annually.  The annual cost is based on the number of births per year in a program.  The standard cost is $1.15 per baby, but discounts are available if the NHS center commits to a multiple-year subscription or if it serves  more than 10,000 births a year.

10/06/2015: Users who will purchase HiTrack 4 , will be given for free the HiTrack 5 which is expected in 2016.