25/03/2015: New White Paper

A new white paper has been added to the Hearing Screening category, titled " A Comparison of the Frequency of Positive Hearing Screening Outcomes in School Children from Poland and other countries of Europe , Central Asia and Africa" by Piotr H Skarzynski et al.

20/03/2015: START posting Webinars

The Webinars are the latest trend in long-distance Education and Training. In the OAE Portal we usually post or on-line powepoint lectures or white papers. A Webinar though, combines both aspects of these presentations with audio / video from the presenter , thus promoting a better understanding of the conceptual ideas of the lecture.

The fist Webinar we post is from the 2015 Otometrics Webinar series. It is titled "Bridging the Hearing Screening Gap: The importance of periodic hearing screening in the pre-school population".


The Children Screening pages were updated with an extended Introduction to the topics of the section and of future content.

16/03/2015: Neonatal screening Category changes to Hearing Screening

From this month the Neonatal Screening category changes name to Hearing Screening in order to include information on Children's screening ( which we will start posting from April 2015).

27/02/2015: Updates on the Sentiero Desktop from Path Medical Solutions

German manufacturer Path Medical Solutions has announced updates in the Sentiero Desktop line. The device is not handheld,  but small enough for enhanced portability. It supports standard and high frequency tympanometry (i.e. 226 and 1000 Hz) , TEOAEs, DPOAEs and Standard Audiometry tests, thus it can be a very good candidate for school children testing.