22/01/2015 : Welcome to Mimosa Acoustics

It is our great pleasure to welcome in the list of our sponsors Mimosa Acoustics and Dr. Lapsey-Miller as our liaison with the firm . The next couple of weeks we will update our hardware pages with material from the product line of Mimosa Acoustics.  Within the first semester of 2015 we will present an editorial on MEPA, the reflective immitance methodology used in the Mimosa OAE line, which assists significantly the correct assessment of the hearing function of a neonate. 

ALSO : Hardware updates on their upcoming medial-olivocochlear reflex (MOCR) module have been posted in the hardware update pages.

22/01/2015 : OAE Hardware vendor Updates

The updates in the area of OAE hardware have made us notice that we had to put more emphasis on the various hardware / software updates posted by the OAE and AEP vendors. Now you can find these communications in a special page , but you will notice that vendors do not communicate routinely outside their websites new information. For the last 8 years .. we were obtaining these "details" by contacting the regional sales managers. Unfortunately there is a global turn-over of positions and the same people rarely remain in the same post .. for more than 2-3 years ... this results in loss of new information. We will try to regain these contacts , if you have someone to suggest that we should contact please  ... email us.

20/01/2015: Success Stories in Cochlear Implant patients

The first report of a MEDEL success-story has been posted in the Forum by Kinga Wołujewicz from the Institute of Physiology and Pathologty of Hearing ( Warsaw, Poland). This is the first report from this interesting case , further reports in the future will provide additional information on his experiences with the CI as well the views of his family.

15/01/2015: Otometrics Webimar series

The INTERNET is without a doubt the best channel to share information, thus the creation of the term webinar, meaning a on-line seminar.

Otometrics , the known Danish audiology/ENT equipment manufacturer, advertises a series of webinars one of which is on pre-school hearing screening (March 16, 2015). For more information access the main Otometrics Webinar series page. In case you are interested in a past event , just register in the Otometrics site and you will get access to the recorded webinar event.

04/01/2015: 2014 Access Statistics

The Access statistics of 2014 are on-line earlier that expected , thanks to Google ... Several trends emerge with the most obvious the globalization of accesses in comparison to the numbers we had 4 years ago. The number of countries requesting information has also increased to 131 ... some have very few accesses to the Portal material ... but it is important to see that we move to an global INTERNET community.

Some details which should be mentioned:


1. The "Americas" are monopolized mainly by accesses from the US and Canada (73.78%)

2. South America is monopolized by accesses from Brasil (68.77%).

3. Asia is strongly monopolized by accesses from India (81.11%) and Iran (12.21%)