Season Greetings for 2015

The Editorial Board of the OAE Portal wishes to all a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year. Let's hope that 2015 will bring more peace , less friction and poverty  and great scientific discoveries to our mankind.

20/12/2014: FORUM topic

An interesting topic has been appeared on the OAE FORUM, as a question of how to register DPOAEs in children with ventilation tubes.

27/11/2014: Updates in the OAE Hardware pages

The  OAE Hardware pages were updated with the product line of Mimosa Acoustics including a portable DPOAE screener and a portable OAE system capable of TEOAE / DPOAE / SFOAE recordings. Both products are capable of recording middle ear reflectance, a state of the art approach to middle ear function assessment.

In Early 2015 , we have programmed a revision of the OAE Hardware and OAE software pages  since a lot of the models which are theoretically available have been redrawn in 2014.  

Content for Families and non-professionals

From the month of October 2014, we will start the insertion of material geared towards the families of children with hearing impairment. The family & non-professional section as well as  the thematic channel on Cochlear Implants ( still in preparation) should provide some answers to commonly asked questions , specially prior to an implantation.

01/04/2014: Updates on the TEOAE TF-analysis

Assistant editor Dr. Antoni Grzanka has updated the  OAE Portal content related to TEOAE TF-analysis. There is a new software tool (TFAnalyzer, 2005) which can select a region on the TF plane and then conduct the appropriate filtering. Additional details on the tool and the methodology can be found in a on-line lecture (Time -Frequency filtration of TEOAEs)